2. What are your immediate goals?

A finished two passenger Amphfoil model, the “Stingray”, is currently under construction at our shop in Bristol. The “Stingray” will be used to introduce the Amphfoil to world markets at the
Ft. Lauderdale and Miami Boat Shows in 2015-2016. Also, preparations are underway to show the vessel at the Monaco, Genoa and Dubai boat shows. An advertising/PR firm will be retained to maximize domestic and overseas media coverage along with videos and web site promotional efforts. All corporate emphasis will be on the sales and promotion of the “Stingray” model for the next two to three years.


3. What are your future goals?

A 4/6 passenger Amphfoil model, the“Seafoiler”  is already designed and will be constructed next to expand market penetration, increase sales, profitability, and long term corporate competitiveness.


4. The Amphfoil is obviously a two-passenger "speed toy". What other applications can it be used

There are numerous future applications for the Amphfoil in the recreational boat industry. The following are a few examples:


A.  A 4-6 passenger Amphfoil can provide a lucrative entry into the water taxi and luxury limo water transport businesses.


B.  Private water commuter transportation to waterfront homes, private island resorts, and remote locations such as the Bahamas and Cuba.


C.  A mega yacht tender/limo to transport owners and guests comfortably to and from shore and also from transportation hubs and airports.


5. How are you able to obtain a patent even though the Amphfoil uses existing technologies?

The Amphfoil is a totally new concept and represents a never-before patented application that uniquely combines existing technology which is patentable. The Amphfoil concept and design meets all domestic and international patent criteria confirmed by our patent attorneys Dingman, McInnes, and McLane.  It should be noted that no boats in the recreational industry are being built under patent protection and the “first mover” business aspects of the Amphfoil are as significant as the international patents.


6- What about overseas markets with tariff issues and shipping?

STec is in the process of identifying foreign recreational boat building companies to build Amphfoils on a contract basis or license agreement. STec will provide molds, tooling and building technology to these companies.


7.  What is STec's connection to Shannon Boat Company?

STec is an independent Delaware corporation that holds all design rights, patent rights, molds and tooling necessary to build Amphfoils and is set up as a limited partnership company. Limited partners (investors) under law have no liability for any STec corporate activity. STec will control all business activity related to the sales, construction and marketing of Amphfoil models. A CEO and CFO will be hired to manage STec business along with a Board of Advisors. Shannon Boat Company will operate solely as a performance based sub-contractor for STec, building tooling, molds and construction of Amphfoils on the U.S. East Coast. Walt Schulz will remain president of Shannon Boat Company, and will provide design and engineering work for STec. During the three year start up period STec will hold a $3 million key man life insurance policy on Schulz.


8. Why is the Amphfoil so environmentally friendly?

In addition to the Amphfoil designs enjoying a significant reduction in horsepower demand and related pollution, the propulsion system on the Amphfoil is totally unique. Unlike other high speed craft that require large horsepower engines and boat propellers or water jets and create significant wake turbulence that is harmful to sensitive shoreline ecosystems and result in marine animal strikes, the Amphfoils' primary propulsion is from an air propeller. Its twin boat propellers are only used for low speed docking and congested area maneuvering so there will be minimal wake turbulence and little likelihood of harming marine animals.


9. Are the use of gyrocopter rotors still being considered?

No. While the use of air rotors are still part of the patent, based on sea trial testing data, rotors are not necessary for the recreation boat market. There may be a rotor application in the distant future strictly for heavy-lift commercial applications.


10.  Do you see a military application for the Amphfoil?

Based on independent research reports, domestic and foreign military, government and large commercial ferry applications are complicated, costly and a long term effort.  Therefore, in the immediate future, all STec corporate activity will be focused on the international recreational boat market and limited commercial activity.


Additional questions, suggestions and input are more than welcome.

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